(Important Notice) Free plan of Fantia, change of the charge method of Patreon, Insider qualification and list reorganize, change of the game activation method(Planning), and the status of Illya game

  1. Free plan of Fantia: We will make a 360 panorama video version of games at later time, and provide to our users of free plan of Fantia.
  2. Change of the charge method of Patreon: The payment method changed to “Up Front”. The difference is the “NEW PATRON” will be charged instantly when pledge, and charge for monthly recurring pledge since the 1st day of next month. This is used for preventing the misbehavior “pledge and cancel, aka reward steal”. We recommend new patron can choose to start the pledge between the beginning of the month and middle of the month for preventing continue to charge in short time. (This change does not affect the old patron and patron of Enty.)
  3. Insider qualification and list reorganize: We plan to reorganize all Insiders qualification and list of website and game before the end of 2017. Then the old list will remain in the extra article, and the main article will display continued patrons and new patrons. In addition, the group will no longer be used on the site.
  4. Change of the game activation method(Planning): It will use “Insider Activation Code” and “Version Activation Code” at the same time. The “Insider Activation Code” will send to the patron when pledge completed, It used for decision of the available contents. The “Version Activation Code” will attach to the submission post of Patreon and Enty. It used for the Insider who stops pledge but can still use the version at the time.
  5. The status of Illya game: In order to understand the new animation system of the game engine and for some game systems and concepts, we use a small scale game “My Lovely Star” for research and development. After the game completed, We will back to the Illya game immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If Insider have any questions about these above, please contact us.

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