The requirements of Goal Rewards has been changed

Now based on the patron amount, simplify and easing the calculation. New version:

Goal Rewards (Premium and greater patron only contents)

1.Patron amount more than 10 people, Add new costume「School uniform」.
2.Patron amount more than 20 people, Add new costume「School sport uniform and Bloomer」.
3.Patron amount more than 30 people, Add new costume「Sukumizu」.
4.Patron amount more than 40 people, Add new costume「Magical device Magical Ruby」.
5.Patron amount more than 50 people, Add new costume「Red Plain Mystic Code」.
6.Patron amount more than 60 people, Add new costume「Black cat cosplay」.
7.Patron amount more than 70 people, Add new level「Illya’s home bathroom」.
8.Patron amount more than 80 people, Add new level「Luvia’s home bathroom」.
9.Patron amount more than 90 people, Add new character「Miyu」And costume「Magical device Magical Sapphire」.
10.Patron amount more than 100 people, Add new scene「Tentacle play」.

(The patron amount above is counting summation of Enty + Patreon)

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