DeepVision Works Insiders Area ::  Important notice to new Insider 

Futa/Pretty☆Illya Insider Edition(Build 2) has been released

The Insider Edition is only provided to the Insider(Patron).
The user needs an Activation Code and enter it in the game to launch the game.
The Activation Code is sent to Insider via the message of Enty.
Please visit the download page for the availability information for each Insider.

Download URL

Unzip Password


Release Notes


  • Debug mode.
  • Facial Control System.
  • Display settings, Adjusting resolution and Full screen.


  • Activation method.
  • Update game engine to Unity3D v5.4.
  • Due to the Unity3D v5.4 integrated OpenVR. The game might supported SteamVR(HTC Vive).
  • UI color.


  • Invalid menu behaviour in Customization.

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