DeepVision Works Insiders Area ::  Important notice to new Insider 


We are a personal circle by one person, and the developer is the leader.
Members themselves have experience in commercial game development, including 3D art and programming.
We are not a company, but a small circle that can operate with the help of many kind people.

Why sale the game?

“If we don’t sell games, We will not be able to continue making games.”
The cost of time and expenses of game production are VERY HUGE.
At the current stage, Even with the support of patrons, the funds are still very limited.
The doujin event is also more social communication and promotion purpose than the real income.
If we can, We also hope that we will never worry about the funds.
Concentrating on providing services to patrons is our goal.

What’s the difference between Package/Digital Standard Edition and Insider Edition?

Package/Digital Standard Edition is basic contents, Insider Edition has early access and some rewards.

About account security?

This site is set up by WordPress, and the member password is stored in Hash format (garbled code generated by unidirectional algorithm). When a member logs in, the hash code will be generated through the algorithm again, and compared with the stored hash code, if it is consistent You can log in smoothly.

Therefore, we will not store the member’s text password, nor can we query the member’s password.

We recommend that members use strong passwords and do not use the same passwords as other websites.

Have problem with website or account?

Please contact us:
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