TiFap Sense v0.4.1

(NEW) v0.4.1 Demo Video:

This is not a formal game, but a small testbed for testing new features and will transfer the results to Futa/PRETTY☆ILLYA. Our vision is to create the “Next-Generation FAPPING Experience”.

(This project is closed, Moving back to Futa / PRETTY☆ILLYA)

The download link for the program will be posted in the post of Patreon, Enty and Fantia(free plan, later).

Release Notes:

v0.4.0: Added Debug panel (press 「`」(located above the Tab key) to open. It will be a feature for Premium Insider in the formal game.). Added foreplay mode and player’s hand (not yet added interaction and reaction). Improved text description.
v0.4.1: Added Foreplay State Mode, Orgasm State and Sexual Arousal Gauge. Player can interact with breast and vulva to increase the Sexual Arousal Gauge then reach the orgasm when gauge full. (Mouse only, Does not support VR controller.)

Currently, This is fourth(Final) phase, Gameplay and interactive systems, It will complete the content equivalent to a H-scene in the Illya game (foreplay, sex and climax). After this phase is completed, the results will begin to be transferred to the development of Illya’s games.

Please check the post via the link below to learn how to use WebCam motion sense and interact with character’s animation and VR functions.

Character is made by RyanReos(Patreon, Artstation).

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