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TiFap Sense v0.3.x

This is not a formal game, but a small testbed for testing new features and will transfer the results to Futa/PRETTY☆ILLYA. Our vision is to create the “Next-Generation FAPPING Experience”.

The download link for the program will be posted in the post of Patreon, Enty and Fantia(free plan, later).

Release Notes:

v0.3.0: Added VR functions. (Using OpenVR SDK, Therefore, Please install and launch SteamVR)
v0.3.1: Added Soft-body dynamics for skin(Breast, Butt, Arm and Thigh). Improved perform of expression.
v0.3.2: Improved bone parameters of breast to match Soft-body dynamics for skin. Improved shaders: Skin(Micro bump), Eye and Hair.
v0.3.3: Semen effects test Part 1. Press “Z” to cumshot. Particle based effects, but there is an issue of interaction of particle and animation.
v0.3.4: Semen effects test Part 2. Added dynamic fluid effects for body semen. The particle based effects will only affect on static object.

v0.3.1 Video of Soft-body dynamics for skin:

Currently, This is third phase, Integrate VR. We will test and improve the performance of the character. So far, These are the core functions of the upcoming Illya game.

HTC Vive can use “VR” and “its front-facing camera for motion sense interact character’s animation” at the same time.

Please check the post via the link below to learn how to use WebCam motion sense and interact with character’s animation.

Character is made by RyanReos(Patreon, Artstation).

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