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TiFap Sense v0.2.x

This is not a formal game, but a small testbed for testing new features and will transfer the results to Futa/PRETTY☆ILLYA.

The download link for the program will be posted in the post of Patreon, Enty and Fantia(free plan, later).

Release Notes:

v0.2.0: Added WebCam motion sense and interact with character animation.
v0.2.1: Improved rendering of Tifa’s hair. Optimize and test the Front-Facing Camera of HTC Vive for motion sense and interact with character’s animation(Only camera function, VR is not Implemented yet. Recommend to use SteamVR Beta update version, Enable camera function in the settings of SteamVR. Since the HTC Vive Front-Facing Camera is a wide-angle lens. So it will cause the distortion of the captured image. The effective detection range and stability of interact are slightly low. Because we do not have HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Cosmos, Valve Index and Oculus Rift S, We were unable to determine whether to support that devices.). Added tracking mark 2 for HTC Vive.

Currently, This is second phase, mainly to test the WebCam motion sense and interact with character’s animation. The main purpose of this feature is to replace “FacnyConnect”(A feature of Futa/Pretty Illya. It capture the motion data with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope of smart phone, then transfer via network and interact with character’s animation. However, It is inconvenient and laggy, so we decided to discard it.).

To use the new method, The minimum requirement is WebCam for any model, including the built-in of notebook. It is recommended to use Logitech’s WebCam. C922 and the same or above class with higher frame rate is better(720p/60fps). We tested with Logitech BRIO.

We guarantee that WebCam is only used for mark tracking purposes, No personal information will be captured, stored or transmitted.

Please set the WebCam to “Performance” or “Frame rate” first for best experience.

Press “F3” key in game to enable the WebCam Motion Sense function.

Demo video:

Tracking Mark(Print and stick it on “The Cup” and facing the WebCam. The bigger and harder paper is better.):

Tracking Mark 2(Used for HTC Vive Front-Facing Camera):


Character is made by RyanReos(Patreon, Artstation).

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