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TiFap Sense v0.1.x

This is not a formal game, but a small testbed for testing new features and will transfer the results to Futa/PRETTY☆ILLYA.

The download link for the program will be posted in the post of Patreon, Enty and Fantia(free plan, later).

Release Notes:

v0.1: First release.
v0.1.1: Improved expression. Rename to TiFap Sense.
v0.1.2: Fixed character’s unexpected deformed. Add breast physics and hair physics.
v0.1.3: Added IK and look at camera. Improved hair physics. Improve light and shadow.

Currently, This is first phase, mainly to test the character’s animation control by mouse.

Character is made by RyanReos(Patreon, Artstation).

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