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Illya’s Panic v0.1.6

This is a new 2D mini-game project(The gameplay is similar to the “Gals Panic” series). The player needs to clear more than 80% of the area. Detail information will be added later.

This game is for Insider only and make up for the long time empty period of development of Futa/Pretty Illya. It will not be sold in online store(However, Except other games of the same system with original character).

This is the first preview test, and it is open to all Insiders. Subsequent versions(Since v0.2.x) will be available to members above Premium first for a limited period.

The main purpose of this version is to test the algorithm. There will be many problems, please report back.

In the future, there will be two product lines for Illya’s games. This 2D mini-game will use a dedicated CG drawn by a collaborating painter, Continuing to provide new content to supporters. Meanwhile, we can dedicate to developing programming for VR games.


W, S, A, D, Arrow Key, Numpad(One Step): Move

Press and hold “Left Ctrl or Space” + “W, S, A, D, Arrow Key, Numpad(One Step)”: Create path and move

Release “Left Ctrl or Space”: Rewind path

F2: Restart

F11: Switch resolution(720 or 1080)

Alt+Enter: Switch full screen or window

Esc: Quit game

Release Note:

v0.1.0: First release.
v0.1.1: Improved control. Improved path with rainbow effect.
v0.1.2: Improved control (Zigzag movement with one-way button):

Improved control (Forward and rewind with keys).
Silhouette ratio calculation.
v0.1.3: Improved gameplay mechanics (flow, clear area, enemy).
v0.1.4: Improved game UI, Added Chloe’s stage(Testing, Phase 1 only).
v0.1.5: Added New stage.

v0.1.6: Added New stage. (Cooperation artist: ZongRen)

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