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(Update 2) Futa/Pretty☆Illya Game concept, changes and schedule

Game concept and main changes:

    • The entire project will consist of several separate chapters, Each chapter is a single game and the length is about 1/3 of the “My Lovely Star Rika”. The game will be composed of different scenes, clothing, accessories and intensified performances and interactive.
    • The game of each chapter is constituted by exclusive several H-scenes and interspersed with interactive scenes. Basically it is a single route, Some included divergent options that may have different performs.
    • All works will have common clothes(Underwear, Panties), Each chapter has exclusive clothes.
    • Extra clothes will be provided to the Plus and above Insider according to the stage of each chapter. The “Bathroom of Illya’s house Chapter” and “Large Bathroom of Luvia’s house Chapter” will be dedicated contents to the Plus and above Insider. (This part is based on the original rewards of pledge)
    • Example: First works is Bedroom Chapter, The stage is Illya’s bedroom, Available clothes is underwear(Plus and above Insider can use an extra clothes), At least 4 H-performances and positions. Later works may be Classroom Chapter, The stage is school classroom, Available clothes is winter uniform(Plus and above Insider can use summer uniform), And so on.

System changes:

Items Old New Reasons
Post-Processing 2 Types(Normal, Advanced) 1 Type(Based on My Lovely Star Rika)
  • Affect VR performance
  • Incompatible with the new version of the game engine, difficult to maintain
Character Rendering 3 Types(Realistic, Cel, Normal) 1 Type(Realistic)
  • Significantly increase production
  • Unified style
Breast Size 3 Types(A, B, C) 1 Type(A)
  • Significantly increase production
  • Loli character does not need bigger breast
Body Paint Completed Separated
  • Independent as an application
  • The game retains the ability to read body painting textures
Battle Mini Game Producing Cancelled
  • Focused on H-Scene
  • May be made independently in future


  • Recent goal: Complete system refurbishment(Release a new version around mid-2020).
  • Mid-term goal: Produce the H-scene animations of Bedroom Chapter and release Standard Edition(Within 2021), Complete Bedroom Chapter(Early 2022).
  • Long-term goal: Produce new stages(Classroom, Toilet, Pool, Health Room, Sports Item Warehouse and Torture Room) and Extra stages(Bathroom of Illya’s house, Large Bathroom of Luvia’s house).
  • Under consideration(Not Decided): Add character(Miyu).

P.S. The changes above might modify.

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    1. EroWorks

      感謝您的意見,新技術有時候也會帶來新的問題,但是製作遊戲就是這樣,需要不斷的研究與開發。另一方面,由於之前轉而先開發了My Lovely Star Rika,所以Illya的舊版遊戲引擎至今隔了至少一個世代的版本,外加遊戲系統跟玩法的更新,所以很多東西都必須重新來過,但我們相信新版遊戲會比舊版有更多的改進。

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