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Futa/Pretty☆Illya Insider Edition(Build 4) has been released

(Video) Control Gan Jiang and Mo Ye with HTC Vive.

The Insider Edition is only provided to the Insider(Patron).
The user needs an Activation Code and enter it in the game to launch the game.
The Activation Code is sent to Insider via the message of Patreon or Enty.
Please visit the download page for the availability information for each Insider.

Download URL

Please check the post on Patreon or Enty.

Release Notes


  • HTC Vive Support.
  • Selection of VR type. (None/OpenVR, HTC Vive, SteamVR/Oculus)
  • Basic control introduction and Preparation Room.
  • Training Battle(Mini Game, In Concept Prototype Development).
  • Preview of Gan Jiang and Mo Ye(In Training Battle).


  • Control piston motion with gamepad trigger.
  • Adjust cursor speed of mouse.
  • Text and button position of start page.
  • Added custom setting of input.


  • Fixed an issue cause camera rotation automatically.
  • Fixed wrong title text of Help/Credits.

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