EROVR Player v1.2 + Hotfix 4

This is a FREE simple VR 360 degrees(Panorama) video player. You can use it to play the 360 degrees videos made by us.
(It could be used for other 360 degrees videos too.)


(Hotfix 4, The same file name, The inside version number is Ver. 1.2.4)

What’s New:

  • Added a new feature, the embedded browser.
  • (Hotfix 1) The display mode can be changed when embedded browser play the full screen video:
    [F1] Use Normal Plane display.
    [F2] Use Mono Panorama display.
    [F3] Use Stereo Side By Side display.
    [F4] Use Stereo Over Under display.
  • (Hotfix 2) Changed the order of buttons of main menu.
  • (Hotfix 3) Fixed an issue of color of panarama display mode of browser.
  • (Hotfix 4) Fixed an issue of Panorama display failed in the browser after used Panorama mode to play video first.
  • (Hotfix 4) The 360 degrees arrow hint is now displayed in the main menu and browser.

Please Note:

  • We do not collect user’s data. However, for security reason, Please do not enter your personal information or login into important websites.
  • Please be careful of the volume when you play the video in the browser.

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