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Succeed to test the support of Trinus PSVR for our game

The PSVR owners could try to use the 3rd driver “Trinus PSVR” to play our games now!

*After “Trinus PSVR” installed and launched, Please select “HTC Vive” or “HTC Vive Mirrored” to start the game currently(It is simulate into SteamVR).

P.S. The screen of the game is successful displayed on the HMD, but there is no showing due to no mount on the head.
BTW, the HMD only shows black screen in the first time. However, After trying to restart the system, Trinus PSVR and StramVR. The HMD is succeed display the normal screen.


  • The price of PSVR is relatively cheap.
  • The graphics of PSVR is relatively beautiful(lower netting).
  • The user can also play the VR games on the PS4(Need a PS4 console surely).


  • The 3rd driver “Trinus PSVR” needs to purchase additionally.
  • The tracking is not accurate(only accelerometers and gyroscopes).
  • Controller needs other setups or alternative device.
  • There is a risk of compatibility and function failure after firmware updated.

If Insiders have any questions about our games with Trinus PSVR, Please contact us freely.

Other reference: About the support of Trinus PSVR of games

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