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About the support of Trinus PSVR of games

The Trinus PSVR is a 3rd party / non-official driver for PSVR. The main purpose is to make PSVR to simulated into SteamVR on PC. We will test the support of Trinus PSVR recently.

Something needs to be considered:

  1. The Trinus PSVR is a “Paid” application and driver by 3rd party developer, it can be used for a little time for free.
  2. The ability of Trinus PSVR is not complete to PSVR. Currently, it can track the orientation / rotation of the head only, no accurate positional tracking.
  3. The 3rd driver of Trinus PSVR might stop working due to SONY update the firmware of PSVR.
  4. The PS Move needs other 3rd software to support it, or use an alternative plan like NOLO VR.

Who is suitable for use with Trinus PSVR:

  • The PS4 player who already owned or planning to purchase the PSVR, and want to play games on PC.

Who is NOT suitable for use with Trinus PSVR:

  • The player who want to play VR games on PC only and did not own any VR device.(There is a risk of compatibility and function failure after firmware updated)
  • The player who already had a device that working with SteamVR.

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