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「My Lovely Star」Video Edition H-Scene 1

Q. Why Video Edition?
A. Some players can’t run the game properly. Therefore, We made the video edition.
In addition, The video can also be played on most mobile device.

Q. What is included?
A. Auto walkthrough of game H-Scene. Music, SE, Voice, Speeches, and Subtitles are included.
There’s two type of videos: 2D and 360°.
The resolution of the 2D video is 4K UHD and 1080p, the resolution of 360° video is 4096×4096 Stereo, all 60fps.
However, There is no clip control, no camera movement control, no costume customization.

Q. How to play?
A. Please use the “EROVR Player“, It’s a free application that we made for VR video playing.
(Only supported PC Windows platform currently)
Use “Fit Screen (Normal Video) or Cinematic (Normal Video)” for 2D videos.
Use “360° Mode (Stereo Over Under)” for 360° Stereo videos.
(The 2D videos can be played by “VLC” and “VLC for Android” Player, It’s free and open source media player)
(The 360° Stereo videos can be played on the budget VR device or mobile VR device)

Q. Who can get it?

Everyone Fantia Free Plan Package / Digital Standard Edition Patreon Patrons Enty Patrons
2D [email protected] H-Scene 1~6 H-Scene 1~6 H-Scene 1~6 H-Scene 1~6 H-Scene 1~6
2D 1080p
360° Stereo
H-Scene 1~6 H-Scene 1~9 All H-Scenes All H-Scenes

Q. Where to download?
A. Download (Self-decompressing file)(2D 4K UHD + 2D 1080p + 360° Stereo) or IWARA.TV(2D 720p).

Q. When decompressing, It is asked for the password?
A. The decompression password is: Free

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