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「My Lovely Star」Build 14 Released

What’s New:

  • Added a H scene animation clip: Side Doggy Style Anal Sex(Extra Content for Plus and higher).
  • Added the dynamic effects of plants by wind.
  • Fixed issue of Oribit camera rotation control.


  • Current update policy: The highest priority is the type of H scene. Full clips(Foreplay, Speed up, Orgasm, and etc.) will add later.

Activation Method:

  • Need “Activation Code” and “Version Password”.
    Activation Code(14 characters, XXXX-XXXX-XXXX): Partons can receive it after support, the same as website invitation code, can be found in the message system of Patreon or Enty.
    Version Password(8 characters, XXXXXXXX): Patrons can find it in the post of Patreon or Enty.
  • Preview Activation: Preview can be activated with one of the Activation Code or Version Password. All patrons who supported us in the past can use it, However, There is content limitation.

Executable File:

  • MyLovelyStar.exe = Launch the game normally.
  • MyLovelyStar_PopupWindow.bat = Launch the game with no title bar. (Recommend for using VR)
  • MyLovelyStar_Settings.bat = Launch the game with graphics and input settings dialog.
  • MyLovelyStar_Settings+PopupWindow.bat = Launch the game with graphics and input settings dialog and no title bar.

Download Link:

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