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EROVR Labs Project

「EROVR Labs」is an experimental project(Non-primary Project). It will focus on “proof of concept and technical research” and implement in 3D+VR. It will become the basis for the development of future works. In current plan,...


Recent status reports and plans in 2019

Completed: The distribution of「My Lovely Star ☆ Rika」: Japanese, English. (9 H-Scenes, Pixelization Censored) In Progress: Starting to process the construction rebuilding of 「Futa/Pretty☆Illya」. Provide the FGO doujin which painted by Funfox.(Characters: Master, Sitonai...


「My Lovely Star」v1.0.4 (Build 37) Released

What’s New: Added Exposure(brightness) settings: Low Exposure, Medium Exposure(Default Setting currently), High Exposure(Old Setting). Improved UI/UX. Others: The updates of Package Edition will release later. This is digital edition RC3. Start production of Illya...