Author: EroWorks


TiFap Sense v0.1.x

This is not a formal game, but a small testbed for testing new features and will transfer the results to Futa/PRETTY☆ILLYA. The download link for the program will be posted in the post of...


Futa/PRETTY☆ILLYA Concept Art H-Scene 1

Chloe is teaching Illya how to masturbate. Chloe: Massage over there is more comfortable. Illya: Is…here? Illya: Um… I feel so strange. Chloe: Yes, exactly. Illya: NO…I’m cumming!…AH! Chloe: Haha, how comfortable is it?


(Sticky) #PrayForKyoani

Kyoto Animation has produced many outstanding works. Here, we only show concern with the power of cotton. We hope that Kyoto animation will last, and the dead will be rested, the wounded will be...